About Project

The project "Ration Formulation Programme For Dairy Animals" is an initiative by Scientists of Animal Nutrition Division , NDRI

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Project Details


Developed by Scientists of Animal Nutrition Division , NDRI
Lead By Goutam Mondal (Senior Scientist)
1. A. K. Tyagi (PS & Head)
2. Mukesh Bhagat (Senior Scientist)
3. Nitin Tyagi (Senior Scientist)
4. Sachin Kumar (Scientist)

About Animal Nutrition Division

The Animal Nutrition was established as a combined Division of Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Physiology during 1971 at NDRI. The main objectives of the Division were to fulfill the mandate of the Institute by conducting basic and applied research, undertaking post-graduate programmes of education and participating in the process of extension education through various training programmes and field level technology development and refinement in the discipline of dairy cattle nutrition and forage production.

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